Mona Mara, like any other girl, searches to be true to herself. Inspired by so much that surrounds her she often finds herself spending hours exploring the diverse creative offerings of her city, London. Mona Mara is not a follower of trends necessarily, she enjoys collecting trinkets and wearable items along her travels, each holding memories and positive affirmations which add to her eclectic style and evolving self.

She is increasingly concerned about social issues, is conscious of her capacity to develop and grow, whilst contributing to the wider scheme of things. As a free-thinker, Mona Mara believes that "wherever there is love there is life." She is encouraged by a positive outlook and has a conviction to bring light to the lives of others.

Follow the blog to keep updated with Mona Mara's interests, what she gets up to at the weekends, the places she has visited, the music she is listening to and what inspires her on a daily basis. We can't wait to show you more...!

Photography by Ellie Gillard, Hair & Make-up by Violet Zeng, Art Direction by John J Lindsley, Styling by Zoe Jones, Model - Megan McMinn.

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