Care Guide


At Mona Mara we care about you and your jewellery.  It is important to remember that silver, gold and brass are soft metals that can scratch and dent.  So that you can keep your intricately crafted jewellery at their best for as long as possible, we advise that you consult these tips.



All gold-plated Mona Mara jewellery is made from high quality 22kt gold over brass.  The 22kt means that it has a very high ratio of gold over alloy content.  Gold plate does not tarnish like silver, however with wear, it will get dirty and is likely to corrode due to individual body chemistry, medications, moisture, chemicals, creams, perfumes, hair products, and such like.  

Remember that it is not solid gold and anything the wearer comes into contact with can effect the gold plating.  Individual wear and life style can also be a factor.  In time, and depending on care taken and the amount of wear, gold-plated pieces are susceptible to having the gold wearing away.  To minimise this:

• dust gold-plated jewellery with a soft cloth or wash by hand in warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry.  Do not rub.  Dry immediately; do not leave to soak in water to avoid spotting;

• be extra careful with gold-plated jewellery not to scuff; keep separate from other jewellery which may scratch it.  Keep protected in a jewellery box;

• avoid exposing your jewellery to solvents, perfumes, hair sprays or other chemicals.  Make sure that these are applied and fully absorbed before putting on your jewellery;

• oils in skin and sulphur in some knitwear can tarnish jewellery, but this can be kept minimal by caring for it;

• do not wear your jewellery whilst in bed, showering, gardening, doing housework, swimming or at the gym;

• keep away from hard surfaces.  Bumps and scratches will cause the gold layer to wear away faster;

• do not wear gold-plated jewellery all of the time;

• put jewellery on last when dressing and take off first when undressing.  


Not making it solid gold means that it is accessible, but still feels special.  Gold-plated jewellery is different to solid gold and sterling silver, but just because it is costume jewellery does not mean it should not be treated with utmost care and attention - quite the opposite.  We offer sterling silver as our alternative option, with its greater level of precious metal in its make up making it more expensive and of course, a long lasting treasure.  We are exceedingly pleased to introduce more of our existing gold-plated range in this option.


All sterling silver Mona Mara jewellery is hallmarked by London Goldsmiths' Company declaring it as high quality and of or above 92.5% silver.  The other metals present, usually copper, makes the silver stronger, readying it to be used as jewellery.  

Natural exposure to the environment can cause it to tarnish, particularly salt air, as well as products like rubber bands as they contain sulphur.  As with gold and gold-plate, such things as perspiration, perfumes, hair products, creams and chemicals can also cause tarnishing, as well as bleach or chlorine.  To minimise this:

• wash your sterling silver jewellery by hand in warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry.  Do not rub.  Dry immediately; do not leave to soak in water to avoid spotting;

• when jewellery is not worn, keep it in a box with a piece of aluminium foil as this will react instead of the silver;

• never leave silver jewellery in a box containing copper coins - the silver goes a horrible colour and is a nightmare to clean;

• put jewellery on last when dressing and take off first when undressing.


We make every effort to provide clear and cogent evidence-based advice so that you can make an informed decision about your purchase.  Whilst our care advice is provided in good faith, it is not recommended that you do anything unless you are certain that no harm will come to your jewellery as a result of cleaning.  We do not take any responsibility for damage which ensues from your actions.  If in any doubt, please contact us at